Largo Flying Club General Meeting 
Minutes of May 7, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7 pm by President Wojciechowski.  There were 30 members present.

  • Minutes of the March 5 and April 2, 2019 meeting were read and approved. Motion to accept by Ernie Riedel, seconded by Ernie Riedel. Motion carried.

Reports from officers:

  • Vice President Ray Crumrine reported there will be a fun fly this Saturday starting at 10 am, weather permitting. Events will be crazy 8, bean do not drop, 60 second time. There will be combat.
  • Secretary Mary Tittle reported the summer meeting time will be 6:30 pm for June, July, and August due to summer hours of the community center.
  • Safety Officer Art Brown reported one member was grounded for crashing in the pit area. Members were reminded it is their responsibility to ground themselves should they crash out of bounds or in the pit area.
  • Field Maintenance: Art Brown, Ed Cox, and Hilton Bruch were thanked for trimming the field. Matt Lombardi was thanked for making plane stands. Ray Smith, Matt Lombardi, Mike Bluestein, and Larry Tittle were thanked for work on the charging stations.
  • Chief Flight Instructor Dave Gearheart was not present. Hilton Bruch has achieved solo flight.
  • Youth Program Director Larry Tittle reported he met with Doug Betts at the community center. He is adding FPV flying to the summer camp. He asked for volunteers to assist with the summer camp.
  • Webmaster Mark Spencer was not present. The ability to post pictures was added to the website.

Old Business

  • Information on aircraft: Reviewed the information needed on all aircraft. AMA requires name, address, phone number, and AMA number on the aircraft. FAA requires the FAA number be visible on the outside top of the aircraft.
  • Weather station: No progress on the weather station. Mark Spencer and President Wojciechowski plan to meet to discuss it.
  • New student training: No further changes from discussion last month.

New Business:

  • New Members/Guests: Ken and Sue Stagner
  • Swap meet: Ron Cheshire reported the swap meet will be November 23. He will send flyers to hobby shops and the AMA magazine.
  • Open Floor: It was announced that Pete Waters was elected to the AMA Hall of Fame.
  • Show and Tell
  • Books were donated for any member to take.
  • Bruce Kaczmarek had old RC equipment for any member to take.

Motion to adjourn at 7:35 pm by Kathy White, seconded by Ernie Riedel. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Tittle

Copies to: Tom Wojciechowski, Ted Wojciechowski, Webmaster