Largo Flying Club General Meeting Minutes of February 11, 2023

Meeting called to order at 9 am at the flying field by President Wojciechowski.  There were 37 members present.

Minutes of the January 3, 2023 meeting were read and approved. Motion to accept by George Schott, seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

Reports from officers:

  • Vice President Ray Crumrine reported weather permitting, there will be a fun fly today. Events will be bean bag toss, wheel of misfortune, and balloon pop.
  • Secretary Mary Tittle reported that Krista Pincince, the Director of Parks and Rec requested past minutes of our meetings for accreditation. Those were sent to her. Upon Krista’s request, the minutes from our general meetings will be sent to her. Mary reminded members she will not run for office after this year.
  • Safety Officer Art Brown reported there have been no suspensions.
  • Field Maintenance officer Matt Lombardi reported the runway was re-striped.
  • Chief Flight Instructor Matt Ahlersmeyer reported there was one new pilot.
  • Webmaster Mark Spencer asked members for any suggestions to the website.

Old Business

  • Megan Jeter is sending back the check we sent to thank her for all the work on the referendum. She indicated a thank you card was enough.
  • Work is continuing on the video surveillance system. The power system is at 100%
  • A swap meet will be held March 25. Ron Cheshire has posted fliers.
  • The FRIA application for the field to be a safe site has been submitted to AMA.

New Business:

  • New Members/Guests: Bob Fincher
  • President Wojciechowski apologized to the members for losing his temper at the January fun fly.

Show and Tell

  • Gene White has a plane to give away.

Motion to adjourn at 9:30 am by George Schott, seconded by Matt Lombardi. Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted by Mary Tittle
Copies to: Tom Wojciechowski, Ted Wojciechowski, Webmaster, Krista Pincince, Director Parks and Rec