Largo Flying Club General Meeting 
Minutes of December 7, 2021

Meeting called to order at 7 pm by President Wojciechowski. There were 27 members present.

Minutes of the November 6, 2021 meeting were read and approved. Motion to accept by Steve Wofsey, seconded by Michael Bluestein. Motion carried.

Reports from officers:

  • Vice President Ray Crumrine reported there will be a fun fly this Saturday starting at 10 am. Events will be touch and go with a wiffle ball, wheel of misfortune, and using a deck of cards to guess the number of tricks to perform.  There will be combat.
  • Secretary Mary Tittle reported members should be signing in again in January. This is a requirement from the city. If any email address has changed or needs to be added, please let her know. Please do not take the safety rules that are posted at the field. There are copies in the shed or on the website if anyone needs one
  • Safety Officer Art Brown reported there were 3 voluntary suspensions this month. He asked members to please let him do his job of enforcing the safety rules.
  • Field Maintenance officer Matt Lombardi was not present. President Wojciechowski thanked Matt and his team for repairing the drainage area at the west end of the pit area.
  • Chief Flight Instructor Matt Ahlersmeyer reported there are 3 new students, two who are 10 years old.
  • Webmaster Mark Spencer was not present.

Old Business

  1. Garbage cans – New garbage cans have not been purchased as yet.
  1. Swap meet – Ron Cheshire reported the swap meet went well. We will need to consider having a swap meet in the spring.
  1. Runway – Geotech has been contacted about the cost and delivery of material for the runway. 1500 staples have been purchased.

New Business:

New Members/Guests: None

Elections – By a show of hands, the following were elected for 2022

  • President – Tom Wojciechowski.
  •  Vice President – Ray Crumrine
  • Treasurer – Ted Wojciechowski.
  • Secretary – Mary Tittle
  • Directors – Michael Bluestein, Ron Cheshire, Ray Smith, Steve Philbin

Ballots from last election – Motion to destroy ballots from last year by Ray Smith, seconded by Steve Wofsey. Motion carried.

Donation to the city – Motion to donate $500.00 to the city of Largo by Dave Barth, seconded by Kathy White. Motion carried. Motion to use money from the summer program funds for the donation by Larry Tittle, seconded by Ted Wojciechowski. Motion carried.

Open Floor

  • A moment of silence was held in remembrance of December 7, 1941.
  • Vandalism at the field – Two solar panels on top of the shed were stolen. The police have been contacted.

Show and Tell

  •  Steve Philbin had servos and a motor for sale.

Motion to adjourn at  7:50 pm by Kathy White, seconded by Steve Wofsey. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Tittle

Copies to: Tom Wojciechowski, Ted Wojciechowski, Webmaster