Largo Flying Club General Meeting 
Minutes of December 6, 2022

Meeting called to order at 7 pm by President Wojciechowski.  There were 34 members present.

Minutes of the November 1, 2022 meeting were read and approved. Motion to accept by Kathy White, seconded by Steve Wofsey. Motion carried.

Reports from officers:

  • Vice President Ray Crumrine reported there will be a fun fly this Saturday. Events will be whistle while you work, musical sleighs, and limbo with a twist. With enough participation, there will be combat.
  • Secretary Mary Tittle reported emails were sent out asking for participation to encourage voters to vote no on the referendum.
  • Safety Officer Art Brown had no report.
  • Field Maintenance officer Matt Lombardi had no report.
  • Chief Flight Instructor Matt Ahlersmeyer reported there are a few more students. He thanked all the members who have assisted in flight instruction.
  • Webmaster Mark Spencer was not present.


Old Business

  • Elections – By a show of hands, the following were elected for 2023
  •                         President – Tom Wojciechowski
  •                         Vice-President – Ray Crumrine
  •                         Treasurer – Ted Wojciechowski
  •                         Secretary – Mary Tittle
  •                         Directors – Michael Bluestein, Ron Cheshire, Ray Smith, Steve Philbin
  • Swap meet – Ron Cheshire reported the swap meet went well. Members thanked Ron and all who assisted him.
  • Thank you card – A card was passed for members to sign to thank Megan Jetter for her work   to oppose the referendum.

New Business:

  • New Members/Guests: Rick Rogala, Wayne Collins, Betty Collins
  • Video surveillance system – There was a lightning strike at the field, damaging the video          surveillance system. Motion to allocate up to $2000.00 to fix the surveillance system, including            the weather station and any other features deemed necessary by the President by Michael     Bluestein, seconded by Larry Tittle. Motion carried.
  • Runway – Began the discussion about when to recover the runway. US Fabrics was contacted for a quote on the material. Three rolls of the material will cost $5100.00.
  • Donation – Motion to donate $500.00 to the City of Largo Parks and Rec Department by Larry Tittle, seconded by Matt Lombardi. Motion carried.
  • Thank you – Motion to give Megan Jetter $100.00 by Art Brown, seconded by David Barth. Motion carried.


Open Floor

One member asked about giving door prizes at the meetings to encourage attendance.

Motion to adjourn at 8:05 pm by Kathy White, seconded by Steve Wofsey. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Tittle
Copies to: Tom Wojciechowski, Ted Wojciechowski, Webmaster