Largo Flying Club General Meeting 
Minutes of November 6, 2021

Meeting called to order at 9 am at the flying field by President Wojciechowski.  There were 32 members present.

Motion to forego reading of the minutes of September 11, 2021 by Larry Tittle, seconded by Ray Crumrine. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was given by Tom Wojciechowski in the absence of the Treasurer. There seemed to be missing information on the report. Motion to table the Treasurer’s report until the next meeting by Fred Gelson, seconded by Larry Tittle. Motion carried.

Reports from officers:

  • Vice President Ray Crumrine reported there will be no fun fly today. There will be combat next Saturday after the swap meet
  • Secretary Mary Tittle had the members thank Charlie Lambour for the new sign, Alex Lombardo for painting the shed, and Matt Lombardi for hanging the sign. Tom Wojciechowski and Matt Ahlersmeyer cleaned the shed. The t-shirts have been sorted by size and are in labeled boxes. Paul DeSocio, our previous Treasurer passed away on Friday October 29.
  • Safety Officer Art Brown had no report.
  • Field Maintenance officer Matt Lombardi asked members not to use the dumpster for personal items.
  • Chief Flight Instructor Matt Ahlersmeyert had certificates for Ken Mavica, Jeff Bergman, and Don Alexander for achieving solo flight.
  • Youth Program Director Larry Tittle had no report. As the summer program is no longer offered, he asked to be taken off the agenda.
  • Webmaster Mark Spencer was not present.

Old Business

  • Swap meet – The swap meet is November 13. Come early. Starting at 10:30 there will be combat with any plane using a 3-cell battery.
  • Drainage on west end – Members were asked for suggestions to fix the drainage problem at the west end. It was suggested to cordon off the area until repaired.
  • Runway – The runway needs to be replaced. We will need price quotes and delivery time for the material.

New Business:

  • New Members/Guests: Rick Morelan, Carol Mavica, Rich Helton, Thomas Allen

Nominations report – Nominations chairperson, Matt Ahlersmeyer reported on the slate of officers and directors for 2022.

  • President – Tom Wojciechowski
  • Vice President – Ray Crumrine
  • Treasurer – Ted  Wojciechowski
  • Secretary – Mary Tittle
  • Board of Directors – Michael Bluestein, Ron Cheshire, Steve Philbin, Ray Smith

President  Wojciechowski asked for nominations from the floor. Seeing none, motion to close nominations by Steve Philbin, seconded by Frank Boykin. Motion carried.

Garbage cans – Motion to purchase up to 5 new garbage cans and handles by Larry Tittle, seconded by Fred Gelson. Motion carried.

Open Floor

  • December meeting – Motion to have the December meeting at the Largo Community Center by Steve Philbin, seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried. Mary Tittle will contact the community center.
  • One member asked about a new port-a-potty with a urinal. The handicap port-a-potty does not come with a urinal.

Motion to adjourn at 9:40 am by Ray Smith, seconded by Art Brown. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Tittle 

Copies to: Tom Wojciechowski, Ted Wojciechowski, Webmaster